Pay Per ClickCreating a cost efficient, carefully targeted Pay Per Click campaign is the difference between an AdWords success story and an AdWords story that you just want to forget forever. Eradicating those common mistakes can be the first step to an effective campaign and a happy AdWords success story. Six of what we think are the most common and yet easily avoidable mistakes are given here, so listen carefully if you think you could be a culprit…


1) Targeting Keywords that you just don’t need to

Whether intentionally, or perhaps more commonly, inadvertently, targeting keywords for which the website already shows up in a high spot on Google, is usually a big waste of money! I see it happening all the time, and on numerous occasions I myself find I’m clicking on Ad links while at the same time noticing that the same company shows up for free at the top of the organic results. Why are they paying for people to visit their site when the same people could be clicking through for free? One could argue that they’re pushing their competition down but it’s a whole lot of money that could well be put to better use. A more common reason is that their AdWords campaign is poorly constructed and thought out which brings me onto point number 2…


2) Letting Google AdWords make your PPC Campaigns

It’s easy to let Google AdWords decide your keyword match types, or choose your bid levels, and suggest your keywords for you. Less work for you yes. But remember, Google AdWords is there to make money, and the more you spend, the better job it’s doing in making money for Google. So remember default values, recommended keywords and other suggestions from AdWords may not be appropriate for your business.


3) Neglecting Keyword Research

Thinking of keywords and banging them into your AdWord campaigns is a very easy attractive way of doing things. But is it sensible? Maybe not. Finding out what searchers are typing, and for what reason they’re typing these keywords is a necessity.


4) Trying to Reach too far

Unless you’re Alan Sugar, you can’t afford to target every single word that might relate to your products or services. If you’re selling Board games and you’re thinking of targeting the keyword ‘games’, then make sure you think again. How many of those searchers are going to be specifically looking for board games? Probably not many. This leads on to point number 5….


5) Neglecting keyword match types

Letting Google default to broad match types on keywords could be a big mistake. In this way you will inadvertently be advertising for keyphrases that you don’t know about and aren’t even relevant to your products. Make sure you always know exactly what keywords and keyphrases you are showing up for, because if you don’t then you’re not in control, and profit reports could get quite nauseating.


Last but not Least….


6) Traffic does not equal profit!

When it comes to AdWords, more traffic means higher costs, and higher costs mean lower profits. QUALITY, RELEVANT traffic. This is the only traffic you want through AdWords, and if this is just 50 people compared to 2000, then yes, these 50 people are still the only people you want to pay to come to your site. You wouldn’t pay a hedge trimmer to do your hair, don’t pay an apple eater to come to your orange and banana only website.


Bear these 6 common mistakes in mind and your AdWord campaigns might just survive!